Make your idea instantly with JavaScript
Kameleon is a JavaScript platform for electronics prototyping. It includes an open-source tiny JavaScript runtime, open-source hardware boards, and cloud-based social coding environment.
// Blink LED
var led = board.LED0;
setInterval(function () {
}, 1000);

Open-source electronics

Kameleon provides open-source electronics development boards as well as a tiny JavaScript runtime for microcontrollers

Small and fast runtime

Kameleon JavaScript runtime can be run on microcontrollers having about 300KB ROM and 64KB RAM. User program can be stored in the in-chip flash memory without SD card or additional memory.

Open-source project

Kameleon is an open-source project includes JavaScript runtime, hardware boards and some tools licensed under Apache License.

Kameleon Core board

Kameleon Core is a small-sized and powerful electronics development board that runs Kameleon JavaScript runtime. It can be connected to PC via micro USB-cable and controlled by terminal, CLI, and Kameleon IDE.

Code and share

Kameleon IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a cloud-based social coding environment so that you can create and share your projects.

Code anywhere

Kameleon IDE allows you can write code anywhere using a web browser. It automatically bundles all imported packages and uploads to the locally connected board.

Share code and idea

You can make public projects to share your idea with people, give stars, fork other projects, and leave your comments.

Package management

Kameleon allows you can import packages developed by other people using require(). Naturally you can also publish your packages which can be imported by other people.

JavaScript for electronics

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages for web, servers and mobile applications. Now you can use JavaScript for controlling electronics.

Standard compliant

Kameleon JavaScript runtime is compliant with full ECMAScript 5.1 and 2015(subset) standard, so you can utilize many tools including linters, transpilers, bundlers, etc.

Event-driven programming

Supports asynchronous even driven programming model. Just register callback functions on various I/O events without polling in the infinite loop.

Terminal support

You can evaluate code instantly in interactive REPL mode. Any terminal program supporting ANSI/VT100 can connect to Kameleon compatible boards.

Kameleon runtime

Asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime for microcontrollers

Kameleon boards

Open-source hardware products which can be programmed by JavaScript

Kameleon IDE

Cloud-based social coding environment for sharing code and idea