Make your idea fastly with JavaScript
Open source hardware
Get the open source electronics pre-programmed with a tiny efficient JavaScript runtime. The runtime runs even on 300KB ROM and 64KB RAM.
ECMAScript 5.1/6(subset) standard compliant. Powered by JerryScript.
Small and fast
Kameleon JavaScript runtime can be run on 300KB ROM and 64KB RAM.
Open source
The runtime is open source project and under Apache License 2.0.
Terminal support
Any terminal software (VT100) can connect to the Kameleon-compatible boards.
Develop on the Web
Kameleon provides Web-based IDE so that you can create and share your projects with the community on the cloud.
Web-based IDE
Kameleon IDE allows you can write code anywhere using a web browser.
Package management
You can publish your packages and also import by require().
Social coding
You can share your projects, give stars, fork others and leave comments.
Free for public
Your open public projects are free, create your project now!